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F3 Marina is a leader in professional marina management and consulting services to marina owners anywhere. Our services include all aspects of waterfront development and management, including; marinas and adjacent upland property, such as multi-family and retail. We provide the expertise, experience and attention to detail to delight our boaters, clients and communities while maximizing occupancy and revenue. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Our Vision

We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence and the value it brings to our clients, our community and ourselves.

We offer a full menu of services from concept to full operations

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Press Release and Media Outreach

Qualified Professionals

F3 Marina has specialized skills from over 25 years in property management, exceptional customer service, strategic marketing and branding, and proven financial results.

“Dedicated to achieving our client’s vision and gaining their trust.”

We establish long-term relationships with our clients to achieve their marina related goals through exceptional, individualized management. We deliver a memorable experience for our boaters, provide professional and aggressive marketing, and are ambassadors for the communities in which we work.

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Exceptional Service

While physical amenities attract boaters, they stay because of the experience delivered by staff. By exceeding expectations and providing world-class service, F3 Marina builds loyalty and increases demand. Our fully-trained professional staff are always focused on providing a memorable experience to our boaters, guests and clients.

“Create loyalty with exceptional service.”

We have excelled at hospitality and service since 1995. Communication of our vision of creating a memorable boating experience at every opportunity is how we try to live each day.

Exceptional Service
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Reefpoint Marina – Lake Michigan

Results-Driven Marketing

Each marina is different, requiring a professional and aggressive marketing program that is custom-designed for each marina. F3 Marina builds and executes a strategic marketing plan to keep demand high, maximize revenue and establish a brand identity.

“Build your brand to increase demand.”

Through creation and utilization of a professional website, regular use of social media, print and digital advertising, and a strong transient program, F3 Marina can ensure your marina is strongly positioned against competition.

Results-driven marketing

Each marina is different, requiring its own custom marketing plan. We build a strong marina brand reputation and sustain awareness at a high level. Sometimes, this requires a new logo or a name change; often, new graphics and better creative are needed.

“Build your brand to increase demand.”

At F3 Marina, we consider a wide range of creative strategies and tactics to build our list of potential boaters and continually improve demand and occupancy, including an active use of social media, digital ads and e-mail blasts.

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Reefpoint Marina – Lake Michigan

Strong Financial Controls And Reporting

Creating a financially sustainable marina for the long haul requires a long and short-term strategic plan, and detailed budgets. F3 Marina has the experience and expertise to improve the value and performance of the assets we manage. Strong financial controls, maximizing revenue and planning for the financial sustainability are fundamental strengths within our organization.

“Manage from a position of financial strength and knowledge.”

We provide detailed financial and operational reporting along with weekly executive summaries to track progress in meeting goals and financial targets. We also conduct competitive market studies and improve profit centers – or create new ones – ensuring your marina pursues every opportunity to increase revenue.

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